Friday, June 30, 2006

If I could, would I be straight?

Hello every one! I was asked this question in one of my earlier posts by Jay: "Wait. Really? You wouldn't change a thing? If you could, would you be straight? I'm not doubting you, I am just trying to work this stuff out for myself, as well. It just seems a hell of a lot easier to be straight. And I know this sounds bad, but, hell, if I could, I probably would be straight." I've been thinking of this question since it was asked. Not because I'm not sure, I just want the answer to come out right. I don't just want to answer with one word, because I think if it's expressed well, maybe more people will understand. To be honest, this question never even crossed my mind in all my 37 years. Like I said in the other post, I couldn't understand how the outside world saw IT before I did. It was that that confused me. But that IT was just part of me. Like, I think most of you, I had little crushes when I was younger, first kiss/peck on the mouth at 5 to a female classmate of mine. My first GF at 6, we would hold hands on the school playground. Then at camp, 9 or 10 years old, I asked a friend of mine who had just broken off with a moron, if I could kiss her. She said yes. I went in open mouthed and she came in with pursed lips. lol She then told me I kissed like the aforementioned ex. lol It's right after that that I started looking at guys. Not because of the kiss, I guess puberty kicked in. I started sneaking peeks here and there at guys. Finding a Playgirl that was missed placed on the shelf at the newsstand. Guys on TV were the best because it was easier to watch. Why did I sneak peeks? Because I knew I was different. Because I was entering the unknown alone. I was not told about this side of sexuality. Did I feel lost? No. Confused? To a certain degree yes. Not because I was questioning my preference, but because I didn't know what to do. Since it wasn't talked about, I didn't know if it was ok. Was I alone? I knew I wasn't, but at that age, you don't know how to go about it. So for a while you feel/are alone. Like I mentioned, in high school people were mean and it ended up alienating me. I just figured it was best for me to be as invisible as possible. I never lingered after school. Never asked anything of anybody. After high school society left me alone. From time to time some airheads would bug me on the street, but besides that I started relaxing. I lived, a loveless life, and let lived. One night my mom grabbed my arm as I was leaving for my night class. She was drunk and told me "I know what you're hiding under your bed" I told her now was not the time as I was late for an exam and she was drunk. We will discuss this another time. Once in class, all I could see were blank pages. I was thinking, my preference is known. My privacy violated. We never did talk about it after. I then met my best friend Sandra. It's funny because for the first month I didn't like her at all. We talked about that and we laugh about it now. But after that month and a pretty big event in my family life, we started hangin' out together. We were inseparable. We worked together, spent 5 nights a week together. She would keep Thursday nights for her BF. He would sometimes come out with us on Saturday. And she kept Sundays for school work, we usually spent more then half the day on the phone and then go out for some great alternative music in a gay club. I knew who I was, but never told a soul. One night we ended up sleeping in the same bed. The next day we both said, if you had I would have. I knew that if we had done something it was never going to be right/enough. I knew it would have taken our friendship to a higher level, an even closer level. But we didn't. It's ok. I love you Sandra. When I came out at 26, it was not to make me accept me, it was me saying to myself, stop caring what other people think. If they like me they like me. If not, it's ok, like men, their are plenty of fishes in the sea. They won't be my friend, I'll find others who will. I never struggled with myself. Why? Because that is how I am made, how my circuitry is. I guess also because I was never told that being gay was wrong, I was just never told. I've been seeing a therapist for the last 2 years, he was sure I was coming to him regarding my homosexuality. He was surprised that I wasn't. After a few months, he told me he knew I was comfortable with who I am. My reason for seeing him are family matters. So in the end, If I could, would I be straight? No! This is how I was made. This is who I am. I love men. Would I change a thing? I think SIX said it best: "I'd just want to be "me" sooner." Thank you Jay for your question. I hope it clears it out for you and others. If you have more questions, don't hesitate. That goes for anyone. You my great readers, if you could, would you be straight? J

6 degrees of separation!

I've been reading some blogs lately that talk about the technology de-humanizing(is that a word?) the world. To a certain point, I agree. Depending on how you use and you see the use that you make of this technology I don't think it's all bad. I've been using the computer lately because as you know I'm stuck at home sick. During this time, from the beginning, when I could barely make it out the door. To now, feeling ok with a few minor adjustments. I've been keeping up with my friends, MSN, e-mails and web cams, getting new books and music by ordering on line. I've started writing in the hopes of better understanding myself. In return, I've met, virtually, some great people who give me support, advice, pep talks and just babble to keep me occupied. One thing I'm happy is that my blog is also helping others in the same situation, people who are living what I lived. They comment and ask questions. Some of you are on the East coast, West coast and somewhere in between. From the States and from Canada. Some of you know each other. Some of you know others. With this technology I was able to meet one of you in person yesterday. "You" knows someone in CA. I know this someone from her blog. And now she seems more real to me because I know "you" who knows her personally. Her name is EM. Now which one of you is "you"? Which on of you did I meet? Let me first say that usually when I go on trips people get mad at me for not taking pictures of me where ever I am. Even if I have the pics, they say that pics of me where I am prove more that I was there. Well yesterday I got a pic of me at the meeting, but don't have one of the blogger I met. lol (I feel so stupid!) Well let me tell you, you all know him. He is as nice as he seems. He is as cute in person as his pics. I'm glad to know he's not that much into the "shitty" pics that he posts from time to time. lol I just wish I had met is hubby. The 2 of them together are so funny. Who am I talking about? Here is the pic he took of me, maybe it will help. lol It didn't really help did it? lol Well since I don't have a pic of him, I'll just have to "borrow" the one from his blog. Here he is ladies and gents. As nice as his virtual self, I give you,
It was really nice meeting you Torn. You are as nice as I thought from your blog. We will probably meet up to go to the Out Games at the end of July. We were wondering if some of you will be in town for the Out Games. We could try and meet for, brunch, dinner or like he suggested, a bar run. Let us know guys. I'd like to meet more "yous". lol Have a great day! Have fun! J

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Music for all Seasons!?

Do you have an artist that you truly love? An artist for all your moods? I have one. Good, bad, sad. She knows how to say the right thing at the right time. And for this, do I select the songs to hear? No! I just pop Her in my CD player, and all the songs just flow one by one in their respective order. What I mean is that this Artist, no matter what, just does it for me. This Singer is my therapy. She makes me think when I need to. She makes me cry when I need to. She makes me laugh when I need to. All this with the same music. As soon as I know She made a new album, I don't even know what the songs are, what they sound like. I just run out and buy it. Why do I run out and not order it from the web? Because I have to listen to it right away, and I know it will be good. She's never let me down yet. Once I get an album of this Singer, I listen to it first, just reading off the titles. Then play it again and pay attention to the lyrics. I do my best to memorize the words of each song on the first run. Then I just let her play and play and play. After getting to know the new CD, my mind knows which songs are what. My mind then pulls what it needs. One thing that surprises me is that the same song can make me laugh and can make me cry depending on my mood. My CD player holds 5 CDs, and they play one after the other, when I need to. This Artist is:
Jann Arden
You might know Her. She sings "I would die for you, Insensitive, Could I be your girl, You don't know me, just to name a few. She created 8 great albums each better then the last.(one with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra) Author of 2 books. Exerts of her web journal. And now she has a DVD entitled "JANN ARDEN...a work in progress" I can't wait for a DVD of her show to come out. "Jann, if you read this, I would like to have your shows on DVD! Please!?" lol I had the chance, when I was with my 1st BF to get what they call a "Junk Kit" in TV land. It's a 20 minute jumble of exerts from interviews and bits of the show. Well in those 20 minutes, She takes me thru all my emotions. I have red puffy eyes and my cheeks hurt from laughing at the end of those 20 minutes every time. I've had the chance to see her in concert twice. Once at the show, I could tell that the people around were big fans just like me. We sang, cried and laughed at the same time. And sometimes we were all silent, deep in thought. When I go see her I only buy one ticket, actually a Christmas present from my roommate, the best gift I ever got, because She is for "ME". Jann is My "ME" time. I share the music when it plays in the house, but at the show, I need to "feel" alone with her. Does that make sense? If I could get a lifetime pass to Her shows I would buy it. I leave you with the lyrics of one of my very favorite songs. And to Jann, Thank You for these great treasures. I hope you will keep on singing for a long long time. Love J Sorry For Myself { Jann Arden / Russell Broom } i've been on my hands and knees crawling towards eternity looking for the piece of me that always got away and i've been so afraid to stand my ground so i simply shut my mouth close my eyes, bite my lip and swallow every tear i can't do anything i don't believe in anyone i just feel sorry for myself all day long all day long look inside my body baby see the twists and turns inside me every blinding curve that drives you right around the bend i know you've had it up to there with all my chaos and confusion i am living a delusion and i do not give a damn i can't do anything i don't need anybody else i just feel sorry for myself for myself for myself for myself look into my heart and tell me i am a complete disaster wasn't that what you were after always thought it was wasn't i complete desire filthy ash without the fire you could not have been much higher without some kind of drug i can't do anything i don't believe in anyone i just feel sorry for myself, for myself i can't do anything i don't need anybody else i just feel sorry for myself all day long i can't do anything i don't believe in anyone i just feel sorry for myself, for myself i can't do anything i don't need anybody else i just feel sorry for myself Russell Broom - Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar Phil Shenale - Keyboards, drum loops

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

When did you know?

Lets start with, What is your first memory? I just want to tell my friends who know me that when you read this don't say "not that again" I feel that writing it might help see things differently. My first memory, I didn't know it was my first memory until I told my mom when I was about 18. This was in a good period of her life. I'll talk about her in another post. When I told her my memory, she flipped. Why? Let me tell you, I remember walking around a bed to go on the other side, the window in the room was high and small. A woman gave me a wooden mouse on big plastic yellow wheels. I came out of the room pulling on the yellow string of my new toy with a big smile on my face. Before the hallway spilled into the kitchen, there was a room on my right. A long narrow room. There was a black & white TV, my grand father, my dad and one of my uncles were watching Bugs Bunny. This woman was my grand mother. My mom's mom. Why did my mom freak? My grand mother died when I was 2. I told my mom I remembered the funeral, well part of it. I was standing in the garage while 2 men had to carry my mom in she was too weak or had fainted, I don't remember. I remember a few things after that, but nothing major. What I remember is my supposedly friends from the alley out back calling me gay names. I was 4 years old. How do you want a 4 year old to know what the hell you are talking about when calling him gay oriented names? I just stayed there and defended myself saying it wasn't true. Not even knowing what I was saying. Then I heard people talking and saying those same names about a guy on TV. I looked, it was, I think the only publicly gay man at that time here, he was flaming. He was that 70's flashy, blond colored hair, pink suits, way out there guy. I did not want to be him. I wasn't him, I couldn't be. Later the dad of one of these said friends had a machine for is electronic class that could read your heart rate. He put the thing on his daughter's chest, and there you could see the lines jump on the screen and almost out of it. Her heart was beating fast and strong. Then he tried mine, 2 beeps on the screen and very weak. You have the heart of a girl he said. I went home and cried. The names stopped when I started school. I had my first kiss in kindergarten. My first girlfriend in 1st grade. The said girlfriend got a new bf in 4th grade. I hated him. lol He was also the cutest of the class. Maybe I hated her. lol Then high school started. And the names started again. Now I knew what they were talking about and I just kept defending myself. Even my friends in high school called me names or laughed when others called me names. Then, at about 13. I realized that I was attracted to guys. They had been right all along. How could that be? How could they have known? They knew before I did. Why didn't my parents say anything? How can I now face them and say "you were right all along" I just couldn't admit it. So it is that for the next 13 years I kept defending myself. Distanced myself from people around me. At 26, I had started writing something similar to this. I felt if I didn't accept myself soon, if I didn't come out I would go crazy. So with my text all written, I invited my friends one by one for dinner and told them. There were tears because of my past, but they all gave me a hug and later told me they knew but if I wasn't telling, it's because I wasn't ready. They gave me my space. 2 years after that I met my first bf. If people asked me what I had done on the week end, I would tell them me and the bf did this and that. You would see their faces change. They would comeback later and tell me they didn't know I was gay. You keep it so quiet. Why should I scream it on rooftops? And why would I lie about what I did or with whom that week end? They told me it made sense and they liked how normal I was acting about it. More people started talking to me at work. I guess I looked more open now. I never told my mom, she died when I was 21. I told my dad 2 months before moving in with bf. He said he sorta knew, had a tear in his eye. His pager rang and he left. That was it. We never talked about it again. When I left the bf, which they had met, dad and his girlfriend asked me, "Is Sandra seeing anyone?" I just looked at them and knew they didn't understand. So I said, yes she is, even if she wasn't it wouldn't work. They looked sad. I told them, she's missing a piece. lol Again we never talked about it ever. I'm very happy about ME. I'm a man who likes man. I wouldn't change a thing. My best friend Sandra was curious and she asked me,"Why men?" I asked her, "You Sandra, why men?" Then she understood. If she didn't decide to like guys, why would I? So I understood myself at 13 and hid it till I was 26. Not a fun period. But hey, I wouldn't be me if it were different. How 'bout you? Leave me a comment. have fun! J

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Post # 3 Superhero!? Moi!?

Your results:
You are Superman
Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
Wonder Woman
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.
Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Post #2 We interrupt you're regularly scheduled program!

"John I am here at Duluth General. It would seem that they just brought in the 2 North Woods Guys. Here is what I could hear."
"Doctor I can't find a heart beat." "Give me the paddles nurse." "Start at 200" "Will that be enough? They are 2" "GIVE ME 200! Clear!" BBBBiiiiiizzzzz, tock! "Nothing doctor" "Give me 500 then" "But that could kill them" "GIVE ME 500! Clear!" BBBBiiiiiizzzzz, tock, beep...beep... "Doctor you did it!" xxxxxxx "Not now Ginger!" "It would seem that Duluth will not have 2 more casualties of the blog boredom. I was able to sneak into their room after and here is what they had to say." "Me and Steve were together, it was weird. We could see the bright light. When we moved towards it, 31 angels blocked our path. They told us to turn around. It was not our time yet. People need you, they said." "Well there you have it John. Another happy ending here in Duluth. This was Joe Wood reporting on the steps of Duluth General. Back to you in the studios John." "Are we off the air?" "God if they send me one more time to this hospital, I swear..What? We're still on? Oh sh.." beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Now back to your regular programming!

Post #1 Proud!?

Life as it should be!
Hello everyone! What a beautiful rainy day we're having here in Montreal. And no I'm not being sarcastic. I feel good today. Those damn episodes. They only last a day but I need an extra day to recover. Thanks guys for the pep talks. Thanks J for babbling. ;-) Today, Kelly asked us to post at the same time. Some of you say they don't see the point of our Flag. Don't see why we should be Proud. Well check him out today guys. And leave a comment. THIS is why I am Proud. And it's also why you should be! J
Goodbye to the Guys of North Woods!
North Woods Guys
I'm a little saddened today. One of the first blogs I started reading is shutting down. Because of them I opened up, found a voice. But more importantly found great friends.
They are "Two Christian Guys Living Together In Friendship, Love and Total Happiness"
Thank you North Woods Guys! I feel like a friend just died. You will be missed. Comeback and see us soon. Thank you Warren for sharing your lives, "Things we've read", "Things to be happy about" Thank you Steve for sharing some of your experiences. Love, Joel xx (big hug) Take care guys! Remember to have fun! J

Monday, June 26, 2006

To be, or not to be...anxious.

Hi guys! These days that is not a question. I was feeling great on Saturday, but I guess I got affected by a few things. Normal things. I hate not being able to control myself, IT. (since March 27th) Before all this started, I could just calm myself down. Now I feel controlled. I read up on it, try different techniques of relaxation, but besides the deep breathing, nothing really helps. And even that has it's limits. Yesterday I woke up anxious and it lasted all day. Thanks to the people that posted comments and tried to help me. It did, but you know when YOU know something, but your head won't listen. That was me yesterday. Again thank you very much guys. I feel blah today. Must be recovering from yesterdays drain in energy. As you'll see from the test below, I'm a person that usually helps others. That #6 is really me. I'm going crazy not being able to be me. I know this is a way for my body to tell me to take some time for me. But helping others is something I enjoy. Even if it takes energy to do, it's not work for me, it's joy and happiness. Can't wait to get back on track. So take the test and let me know what number you are. I took this from Spider a while back. When I was still a newbie and didn't want to leave comments. Take care guys! Thanks for caring! Have fun! I'll be back later. Hopefully feeling better and write something else. J
Your Life Path Number is 6
Your purpose in life is to help others
You are very compassionate, and you offer comfort to those around you.
It pains you to see other people hurting, and you do all in your power to help them.
You take on responsibility, and don't mind personal sacrifice. You are the ultimate giver.
In love, you offer warmth and protection to your partner.
You often give too much of yourself, and you rarely put your own needs first.
Emotions tend to rule your decisions too much, especially when it comes to love.
And while taking care of people is great, make sure to give them room to grow on their own.
PS: Thanks to all that posted Kelly's pic, he made it! Congrats Kel!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Even CO was speechless! #1

He started it!
Who me?
Here are some pics of another "silent treatment" victim from CO.
Sandri contacted me to let me know that she too sent pics to CO and never saw them on the web site and never got a reply stating that they didn't accept them. Go check her out. She seems very cool, and she has great pics.
This is Rusty.
Just a coupla more minutes mom!
Are we having fun yet?
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?...
With the music"Born to be wild" blaring in the speakers.
How can you live with him and not melt?
He would be King in my household! lol
And this is Bailey.
Surprise Sandri! I'm sorry, I just had to. Just too cute!
Look at the big baby!
Which one am I talking about?
You choose! lol
I wonder who snores the most
I was also contacted by Janna but she never sent her pic. So Janna, next Sunday? Thank you very much for stopping by. Thank you to Sandri for introducing her 3 great babies. lol If any of you have cute pics, it doesn't have to be animals, send them my way, I won't ignore you. Until next time, this was, "Even CO was speechless!", saying g'bye! Remember to have fun! J, OUT. (sorry Ryan)

This, that and the other!

Hi guys! For starters, I loaded the pics before doing anything else this morning. I guess it worked. Second, if you're wondering why I don't fix or paint the shed where the fake window is, I'm renting and the owner doesn't take care of the place at all. So you see when we leave, the windows leave with us. Third, I've received e-mails from others stating that Cute Overload did not respond nor post their pics either. So once a week, I'll post cute pics that did not make the CO listing. This is not a competition, nor a war against CO. Let's pretend that they are too busy. So if you have cute pics, send them here and I don't know, maybe Sunday nights I could post the pics so it would be just cute and nice to end the week end or you could view them on Monday morning at work and start the week easy. I might not have cute captions like CO, I'll try but can't promise anything. --------------------------------------------------------------- I've had a few comments for yesterdays post, "A bit of little old me!". I hope I didn't turn anybody away? It's gotta be because it's the week end. Right that's it! The week end. OMG I'm boring. That is what I was thinking every time I would check my comments and see none. See the anxiety? lol Then what I told a certain J came back to me, "the blog is for you first". I don't mind people reading it. I welcome all the comments, ideas, suggestions. And who knows maybe little old me might help someone just by reading me. I think a lot of us live the same things but not at the same time. One person could have lived let say situations 1-5-6 of my post for example and another will have lived 1-3-9 but those 2 have lived situation 11 that I have not lived, or lived yet. So I think it's good and fun to get comments. But it's also ok not to get any cause this blog is me for me first. I remember when I first started to read blogs, I didn't leave comments. But they do get addictive. lol I've replied, I hope, to everybody that left a comment on my blog. So J like I told you, write what you want, people who read you will know it's you and accept. If not it's ok. And if by chance you have an off day, people will be there to cheer you up. What do you think guys? What do you think J? Have a good Sunday. Remember to have fun! I'll come back later with my first post of, "Even CO was speechless!" lol Like the title? J

Pics for yesterdays post.

Le French Dude, Bonhomme The real Dude Pics from my trip to Mexico.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I don't do windows!?

Here is what I did today. See the difference? Tomorrow I'll be doing the same thing to the 2 other doors. G'night! Have fun! J

A bit of little ole me!

Good morning! I feel like I should introduce myself. I never figured I'd get such a quick response to a few posts. I'm really happy. Thanks to all that stopped by. Thank you for all the good and kind words. Here goes: My name is Joel, French Canadian from Montreal. Born and raised. I'm 37. I currently work as a technical adviser for a big company. I am right now on sick leave due to some panic and anxiety problems. Hence the blog reading for the last couple of months. It started really bad, not being able to even move comfortably in my own home. Now it's a lot better. I still have some light headed feelings from time to time when I'm out doing regular stuff for too long. I still sleep a lot, about 15 hours a day. I used to sleep about 6 or 7 hours before and that was enough for me. I'm a morning person. Very out going. Love to read, listen to music and dance. Boy I haven't gone out dancing in such a long time. I play well with others, but am very happy on my own also. Often after work you can find me in a cafe reading. I don't mind going to the movies alone either. I came out at 26. Am very happy I'm out. The feeling of being free after that was unbelievable. If you're not out yet, I know we all have our reasons and we should take our own time, but let me tell you guys, DO IT! You'll feel a lot better after. I had my first boyfriend and LTR at 28. We met in a club, it lasted 5 years. It was amazing. I never realized what I had been missing. After that I got into another relationship that lasted 2 years, and now me and him are roommates. Even if I'm 37 physically, I feel like a kid most of the time(hence the therapy for the naive) I feel like a part of me did not grow up yet. And this part is taking a lot of space in my every day life. People like to be with me cause even if I'm serious and caring, I always look and see things as if they're new, from an angle that most of my friends that are for sure adults don't see anymore. My first bf was in television and music and he was surprised that I did not go crazy when he would talk about some of the people he worked with. He loved how I would talk to him about different stuff that he had seen a thousand times, and thru my eyes he would see them for the first time again. With strangers, I feel like I'm a kid playing an adult role. When you get to know me, I drop the facade and am myself, young and vulnerable. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a baby. I'm sarcastic as Hell and can be bitchy if needed. I've been living on my own since I was 20. I can be independent and very mature. But the real me inside feels really like a little kid. Even if I work in computers, my real passion is photography. I studied for 2 years and had to drop out for family and money reasons. The teachers didn't help, I felt like they were teachers cause they couldn't cut it as photographers and they were bitter about it. So now in my spare time I try and shoot about 100 pics and look at my results. Once in 3 hours around the city I came back with 118 pics, and 58 of them were just great. On my trip to Mexico, I took 488 pics. lol I would like to make cards, calendars, pics for magazines and book covers. I like fashion and nature. I guess I prefer nature cause I'm alone and can take my time. Even if I love shooting, I remember hating the lab work. Thank god for digital. And I love working with Photoshop. Just one more thing and then I'll let you go, lol. I really like cats. The cat you saw yesterday, his name is a French name, it's Bonhomme, translated word for word means good man, but in slang means dude. So why didn't I just call him Dude? Cause my roommates cat's name is Dude. So we have 2 dudes in the house. Thank you for stopping by. Hope this helps to know me a little better. I'll elaborate more on each of these subjects as the time comes. Here are a few pics, and my 2 dudes. Have a great day! Have fun! See you tomorrow! J A the joys of Blogger. It won't let me upload pics. I'll try again later.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bad me!

I know I said I'd comeback with some more serious stuff, but I got carried away at the plant market. Here is what I did this afternoon. I made a little Japanese garden. With little people and houses too! I'm a sucker for plants! G'night guys! Have fun! J

Cute Overload is not responding!

I sent this pic to Cute Overload, it's a web site that puts up pics to make you go aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww! Well after a few days of sending this pic, I sent them an email asking to confirm that they had received my pic and if they were going to use it. I'm still waiting for a reply. It's been 3 weeks now. So here is my pic to make you go aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww! Hope you enjoy! Will be back later this afternoon to post something more serious. Have a great day! Have fun! Thank you to those who stopped by. J PS: Thanks to those of you who posted Kel's pic. If you didn't, go to it, he's at 88 this morning. He's only missing 13.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Time after time...

Got this from Tony at Life's colorful brushstrokes.
You Are Sunrise
You enjoy living a slow, fulfilling life. You enjoy living every moment, no matter how ordinary.
You are a person of reflection and meditation. You start and end every day by looking inward.
Caring and giving, you enjoy making people happy. You're often cooking for friends or buying them gifts.
All in all, you know how to love life for what it is - not for how it should be.
Don't forget to help Kelly with is chalenge guys. Post the pic of the flags and let him know. He's looking to get 101 posts. Remember to have fun! J

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wouldn't this be great?

This is my first post but hopefully not my last. I think this is a great way to start. Kelly at Rambling along in life has given himself the challenge to get 101 postings of this pic for pride month. Thanks Kelly for a great peaceful moment.